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Buenos Aires Milonga Tours Packages
Dancer's Dream Package


1 Private Lesson


1 Milonga

w/ Taxi Dancer


1 Practica

w/ Undercover Dancer



for milonga and practica

Tango Express


1 Private Lesson

1 Hosted Milonga

w/ history and etiquette lessons


1 Taxi Dancer


Tango Whirlwind Weekend 


2 Private Lessons

2 Hosted Milongas


3 Uber Dancers

Each night

Introduction to Buenos Aires

Getting around, cell phones, neighborhoods, culture, etc.

2 Private Lessons

+ Bonus cabaceo lesson

+ Bonus mate tasting

Shoe Shopping

4 Hosted Milongas

w/ 2 Uber dancers per night

Taxi home after milonga

Optional: Parrilla dinner or  folklore class

BA  Tango and Tourism


1 Private Tango Lesson


1 Hosted Milonga

w/ Uber Dancer

1 Tango Show

Parilla Dinner

La Boca Outing


Mate and Medialuna tasting

Choose One: San Telmo - OR-

Recoleta Cemetery

Tango Immersion Package


3 Private Lessons

Shoe Shopping 


 1 Hosted Milonga

w/ taxi dancer

1 Hosted Milonga

w/ 2 Undercover Dancers


Tanguero Intro Week
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