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What you see on the streets of Buenos Aires and in the tango shows is just a small part of what tango really is.

Let us guide you through a true

Argentine Tango journey.

Whether you are a seasoned dancer or have never danced in your life,

we will create a tango itinerary personalized to your interests and needs.

We offer tango outings, tango classes, clothes and shoe shopping, corporate events, and more.

Our packages are open to groups, individuals, and couples.

live tango orchestra

The Tango Observer

You know that tango is the dance of Argentina, but that’s about it. For the absolute beginner, we’ll gladly lend you two “right” feet for the night and bring you to see live orchestras and professional tango performances. Though it’s not necessary to leave your seat to experience tango, we highly recommend that you consider joining in on the fun—but we might be a little biased!

traditional tango dance salon

The New Dancer

Whether you have never taken a tango class before, or you did but it was ages ago, this is a great option to get your tango sea-legs in shape. We will bring you to the fun introductory classes, and out to the milongas where you can give the dance a try!

professional tango dancers

The Intermediate-

Advanced Dancer

Congrats! You have been dancing tango long enough to get your groove on at local milongas and festivals. But as many tangueros/as know, it can be difficult to navigate the Buenos Aires tango scene, especially as a first-time visitor. Let us work with you to maximize your dance time and make your trip the best it can be.

* In addition to booking, please be sure to fill out this survey so we can make sure to get you to the milongas you’ll enjoy most!

people dancing at a tango lesson

The Group: Mixed Levels  (and Maybe Feelings)

You’ve got a group member who wants to dance all night and another who’s already monogramed his/her/their chair. Finding activities for different interests and comfort levels can be stressful, so leave the planning to us. We are experienced at creating itineraries for exactly these situations, and invite your whole party to enjoy a memorable Buenos Aires experience with us. Keep your group complete and carry on the tango beat.

Prices range from 50-70 USD per person per evening. Discounts available for groups of 4 or more or when you book multiple evenings. All tours include entrance fee, tour guide, and a bottle of wine or champagne for the table to share. Additional food available to purchase.

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